Part 2 Chapters

Chapter 1: Gender Diversity in Pre-colonial America

Trudie Jackson

Chapter 2: Transgender Pioneers: Defining Appropriate Care Without
Medical Interventions

Teri Wilhelm, Carolyn Wolf-Gould Editors Multiple Authors

Chapter 3: The Beginnings of Trans-Affirming Care the United States

Taryn Gundling, PhD

Chapter 4: The Remarkable Philanthropy of Reed Erickson (1917-1992)

Aaron Devor, PhD

Chapter 5. Early Sexology in the United States

Jamison Green

Chapter 6: Nature vs. Nurture and Gender vs. Sex

Joshua Safer, MD & Hansel Orroyo

Chapter 7. Gender Clinics: The First Wave

Dallas Denny

Chapter 8: The Cultural Response to the Rise of Trans Care

Carolyn Wolf-Gould, MD

Chapter 9: Lack of Services and the Cost of Self-Care

Multiple Authors