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Part IV Chapters

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Chapter 17: The Development of Surgical Services in the United States

Marci Bowers, MD, Samuel Burnim, Columbia Medical Student

Chapter 18: The Evolution of Hormonal Care

Asa Radix, MD, Zil Goldstein, FNP

Chapter 19: The Treatment of Gender-Diverse Youth in the United States

Diane Ehrensaft, PhD, Colt Meier, PhD,MD Nic Rider, PhD

Chapter 20: The Evolution of Mental Health Treatment: Diagnosis, Gatekeeping, Advocacy

Laura Jacobs, LCSW-R

Chapter 21: The History of Voice Modification Therapies

Jack Pickering, PhD, Terren Lansdaal

Chapter 22: Depilation/Epilation: The History of Hair Removal

Yuki Arai

Chapter 23: Guinea Pig to Participant: The Evolving Ethics of Transgender Research

Noah Adams, LMSW and co-authors

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